Powerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4

ZIP+4 and Spot-On

Zip2Tax’s new API (Application Programming Interface) has passed initial beta testing and is now being made available to all Database Interface usersPowerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4 and Spot-On to-the-doorstep capabilities

The API sends user’s queries to a series of powerful new load-balanced servers for optimum response time and superior reliability. The API provides for either XML or JSON responses at the original ZIP Code level as well as the brand new ZIP+4 and Spot-On levels for businesses needing higher levels of jurisdictional granularity in their sales tax lookups. The API also provides USPS address validation and offers automatic “next closest” matches when the provided address doesn’t match any exact USPS record.

I highly recommend upgrading to the new API to give you access to the new servers for the most reliable service possible, but If you don’t want to switch over, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. We will continue to support the older connection methods indefinitely.

Test out the new API by clicking here to see what a Spot-On XML result would include:


This code will allowing unlimited testing with street addresses found within the ZIP code range from 90001 to 90999. If you would like to perform testing outside of that range, please call 866-492-8494 or e-mail us to request a free limited-time account.

For subscription pricing for a single state or the entire U.S., check out our web site or download a printable price list.

Desktop widget version 1.2 released

Desktop widget version 1.2 released |

Desktop widget version 1.2 released |

Zip2Tax desktop widget

Download the Zip2Tax desktop widget today and get instant tax rates without having to open your internet browser.

We’ve made a few more upgrades to our desktop widget  that allows subscribers to look up sales and use tax rates from their computer’s desktop.

1) Bug fix: corrects inproper rounding off to two digits when calculating dollar amounts by tax rate with more than two decimal places.

2) Allows use with all three subscription levels: ZIP Code, ZIP+4, and Spot-On. Remember, the widget only provides results by ZIP code, not the full street address.

To upgrade, just go to your control panel and uninstall the old Zip2Tax widget. Then follow the instructions to download and install the updated version.

Thanks for growing with us!


Monitor your Online Lookup usage

Online Lookup usage

Log in to your account and you can now see your Online Lookup usage for each day. You can also see what ZIP codes were looked up and what IP address the request was sent from.

See who, when and where your lookups are being used.

Zip2Tax has added functionality to allow Online Lookup subscribers to have access to see their account usage details. Now you can instantly see how many lookups you made each day, which ZIP codes were looked up, and what IP address the requests came from.

The IP address can help you ensure that no unauthorized users have compromised your account. If you suspect that someone is using your account without authorization, just give us a phone call and we can reset your username and password.

To access this information, just log in to your account and go to My Account/Lookup Usage.

If you have multiple users with individual log-ins, each user’s lookups will appear individually.

We are working to make this service available to Database Interface subscribers and we will notify everyone when that is ready for release.

Please call us toll-free at 866-492-8494 or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for growing with us!

Zip2Tax badges provide assurance

Zip2Tax badges

assurance Zip2Tax badges

Zip2Tax badges

Zip2Tax stands behind its data and we want your customers to feel confident in the sales tax rates they see in your shopping cart or application.

Just go to our badges page and download the Zip2Tax badge that fits your style the best.

Proudly post one of Zip2Tax’s badges on your web site and you’ll be able to assure both customers and auditors that you are in compliance with state sales tax laws.

A call to Quickbooks users


A call to Quickbooks users

A call to Quickbooks usersAt Zip2Tax, we love to learn more about how our customers are using our products. It helps us to improve what we have, as well as come up with new products.

We’ve been asked several times recently if any of our products were compatible with Quickbooks. The short answer was, we weren’t sure. We don’t use Quickbooks in our offices, so none of us are overly familiar with that software. Since that isn’t much of an answer, we decided to try to find out.

So we are calling out to our users to see if:

1) Is anyone using Quickbooks?
2) If so, have you found a way to incorporate any of Zip2Tax’s products into Quickbooks?
3) If so, what and how?
4) If not, would you like to?

If you have an interest in incorporating our sales and use tax data into your Quickbooks, please let us know. If there is enough interest out there, we will gladly assign our IT staff to figure out the best way to make it easy for you, the user.

In return for the valuable data you can provide to us, we’ll work out something to make it worth your while – beyond just making your own job easier. As a beta tester, you’d be eligible for all sorts of special perks.

So please let us know if you are interested. Call Paul at 866-492-8494 or send us a quick email at info@zip2tax.com.

Thank you for growing with us!

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