“Close” can cost you the game, make sure you figure exact sales tax rates every time!


Scott NorwoodIt was 1991 and eight seconds were left on the clock of Super Bowl XXV. The Buffalo Bills were trailing by a single point and they were 47 yards from the New York Giant’s goal post.

Although his record was not good at that distance and on that surface, kicker Scott Norwood took his position and made the field goal attempt. His kick had the distance but it veered wide right by about a foot. The Giants took possession of the ball and ran out the clock.

The Bills went on to lose three more consecutive Super Bowls, and today Scott “Shank” Norwood is selling real estate from his beat up chevy.

My point is, if you take big gambles, you can suffer big losses. Don’t take chances if you don’t have to. Scott Norwood didn’t have somebody he could look to and say “Hey, double check my calculations, will you?,” but you do! Let Zip2Tax make sure you are figuring exact sales tax rates every time!

With Zip2Tax you can easily plug in a full street address to determine the exact sales or use tax rate right to the door step. Input a dollar amount and calculate the sales or use tax due on the transaction. Lightning fast, worry free accuracy.

No need to be a Norwood.

Learn more about Spot-On and request a free trial.

Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube

Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube

Spot-On “How To” video added to YouTube


Go to http://youtu.be/aR-CRbOhgNY to watch Zip2Tax’s 3 minute video on how to use Spot-On to perform online tax rate lookups.

Check out Zip2Tax’s new video describing how to use Spot-On for instant online lookups of sales and use tax rates for every jurisdiction in the United States.

Zip2Tax’s Online Lookup service is an easy and affordable way for businesses to find the correct sales and use tax rates for every address in the United States. Any employee with a browser can look up a general sales or use tax rate in just seconds. No technical skills are required. These affordable subscriptions will provide just the information you need without charging you for more than you’ll use.

Download the “How to use Spot-On manual.”

Zip2Tax announces two powerful new server farms improved

query speed and reliability

query speed and reliability

Zip2Tax now can boast about our teams of servers – one set on the east coast in Philadelphia, Pa. and one set on the west coast in Casper, Wyoming for improved query speed and reliability.

Our load balanced servers will provide the fastest response time available on the market today. This feature automatically divides queries equally between the server teams and will shift the load away from any server not responding as expected, providing excellent redundancy.

Thank you for growing with us!

Zip2Tax announces two powerful new server farms for improved query speed and reliability

Our powerful database servers boast a 99.9% uptime with more than enough bandwidth to handle requests even during the heaviest traffic periods. Our network is designed for optimum response time and redundancy regardless of your location around the globe.

Web site updates – please excuse our dust!

Web site updates

Web site updates

Zip2Tax has just completed web site updates and a reorganization of our web site structure.
Web site updates
We moved most of our pages around for better organization, so you will need to update any bookmarks you may have saved in your Internet browser. Bookmarks made prior to July 1st will no longer function and you will get a 404 error. The site’s navigation didn’t change significantly, so you should be able to find the page you are looking for without too much trouble (we hope!)

If you are a .CSV table update customer, you will notice that the download link we sent out on June24th no longer works correctly. This is easily sidestepped by just going to www.zip2tax.com, logging in to your account, and navigating to http://www.zip2tax.com/Website/pagesAccount/z2t_account_TableDownloads.asp
iPhone users of our iTunes app will notice that it is not currently working. We hope to get this fixed in the very near future, but in the meantime, please feel free to use our mobile web site on any smart phone browser. Just go to http://z2t.mobi/ for a screen-friendly web experience.

You may possibly discover some broken links or misdirected pages. If you do, we sure would appreciate a heads up so we can get this site working optimally. Please e-mail any problems you find or fill out the “Contact Us” page.
We hope this move doesn’t prove to be overly inconvenient for you. We value your business.

Thank you for growing with us!

Powerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4

ZIP+4 and Spot-On

Zip2Tax’s new API (Application Programming Interface) has passed initial beta testing and is now being made available to all Database Interface usersPowerful new Database Interface API features ZIP+4 and Spot-On to-the-doorstep capabilities

The API sends user’s queries to a series of powerful new load-balanced servers for optimum response time and superior reliability. The API provides for either XML or JSON responses at the original ZIP Code level as well as the brand new ZIP+4 and Spot-On levels for businesses needing higher levels of jurisdictional granularity in their sales tax lookups. The API also provides USPS address validation and offers automatic “next closest” matches when the provided address doesn’t match any exact USPS record.

I highly recommend upgrading to the new API to give you access to the new servers for the most reliable service possible, but If you don’t want to switch over, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. We will continue to support the older connection methods indefinitely.

Test out the new API by clicking here to see what a Spot-On XML result would include:


This code will allowing unlimited testing with street addresses found within the ZIP code range from 90001 to 90999. If you would like to perform testing outside of that range, please call 866-492-8494 or e-mail us to request a free limited-time account.

For subscription pricing for a single state or the entire U.S., check out our web site or download a printable price list.

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