Web site updates – please excuse our dust!

Web site updates

Web site updates

Zip2Tax has just completed web site updates and a reorganization of our web site structure.
Web site updates
We moved most of our pages around for better organization, so you will need to update any bookmarks you may have saved in your Internet browser. Bookmarks made prior to July 1st will no longer function and you will get a 404 error. The site’s navigation didn’t change significantly, so you should be able to find the page you are looking for without too much trouble (we hope!)

If you are a .CSV table update customer, you will notice that the download link we sent out on June24th no longer works correctly. This is easily sidestepped by just going to www.zip2tax.com, logging in to your account, and navigating to http://www.zip2tax.com/Website/pagesAccount/z2t_account_TableDownloads.asp
iPhone users of our iTunes app will notice that it is not currently working. We hope to get this fixed in the very near future, but in the meantime, please feel free to use our mobile web site on any smart phone browser. Just go to http://z2t.mobi/ for a screen-friendly web experience.

You may possibly discover some broken links or misdirected pages. If you do, we sure would appreciate a heads up so we can get this site working optimally. Please e-mail any problems you find or fill out the “Contact Us” page.
We hope this move doesn’t prove to be overly inconvenient for you. We value your business.

Thank you for growing with us!

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