Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator now available on Google Play

Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator

Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator

Zip2Tax sales tax calculator app

The Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator is now available as a free download on Google Play. The app is free to use for any Zip2Tax customer with an Online Lookup account or just call 866-492-8494 for a free trial today.

The Zip2Tax mobile sales and use tax calculator can find the general sales or use tax rate for any U.S. address, including your current location instantly and figure the tax for any dollar amount while you are on the go.

The app is free to download and, after a signup where you create an account with Zip2Tax, LLC, your first 15 days is free to use the app’s features without any obligation. No credit card is required and you will not be billed anything after the trial period expires if you do not wish to purchase a subscription.  Google Play

With this mobile app you can look up sales or use tax rates at your current location as determined by your phone’s GPS so you don’t need to be precisely sure where you are standing to get a fairly accurate rate, or, you can punch in a ZIP code to see a listing of the possible matching tax jurisdictions. The Zip2Tax app also features Spot-On lookups for users needing a full street address match for exact door step accuracy.

With a Zip2Tax Online Lookup subscription you also get access to full browser-based lookups via the website, live U.S. based customer service, help with common sales tax related questions, and news and updates on sales and use tax issues affecting businesses in the U.S and Canada.

It would help us out if you could take a moment to rate this app, and we would appreciate it very much if you would leave feedback. We do read feedback and try to provide solutions to problems or make improvements whenever possible.

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Zip2Tax app for Android available for beta testing

Zip2Tax app

Zip2Tax app

Zip2Tax is proud to announce that we now have an app for Android devices. It is now available for beta testing for customers interested in getting sales and use tax rates while on the go.

To opt-in to be a beta tester, you must A) have a device compatible with downloads from the Google Play store, and B) sign up for a free trial account if you don’t already have an Online Lookup subscription with Zip2Tax.

There are a couple of steps you must complete in order to download the app while it is still in the beta testing phase:

1) Using your desktop computer’s browser, sign into the Google account you use to access the Play Store.

2) Join the Zip2Tax Android App Beta Test Google+ Community

Zip2Tax Android App Beta Test

You will need to join the Zip2Tax Android App Beta Test Google+ Community before you are able to find the app in the Google Play Store.

3) Go to and click the “Become A Tester button”

Become a Tester

Go to and click the “Become a Tester” button

4) You will see a message saying “You are now a tester.” A few lines lower on that web page you will see a link saying “Download the Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator from the Play Store.” Click on the link.

5) You will now see the Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculator in the Google Play store. Click “Install” and the app will automatically be downloaded and installed on the device(s) associated with your Google account.

Install from Google Play

Click the Install button.

6) Switch over to your Android device and find the Zip2Tax app’s icon.

Zip2Tax app icon

7) Open the app and click the “Create Account” button. Accept the terms of the End User License Agreement and select whether you would like the app to have access to your current location or not.

Create Account

You must click “Create Account” and submit your information even if you already have an Online Lookup subscription.

8) Type in your information and click “Create Account” again. Your information will be sent to Zip2Tax and we will set you up with a free trial account if you do not already have a current Spot-On level Online Lookup subscription. Your log in credentials will be e-mailed and/or sent to you via text message.


After you submit your information, we will send you your login credentials via e-mail and/or text message.

9) We hope you enjoy using the Zip2Tax app and we ask for your feedback regarding your experience.

Thank you for growing with us!