Desktop Widget Version 2.2.1 is Here

Our Best Desktop Widget Version Ever!

widget iconSome of our subscribers live and breathe through the Zip2Tax Desktop Widget.  I know I do!  When it went down last Fall, the Zip2Tax Development Team decided to update it with all the improvements subscribers have asked for over the years.     

It took a bit longer than we thought.  

But it was worth the wait!


On December 1, 2018 we introduced our new and improved Desktop Widget version 2.2.0 to our subscribers.  Then, we tweaked it even more and put version 2.2.1 out there for download.

So What’s New?

Spot-On™ subscribers will be pleased to know that the new version now accommodates your precise queries! You don’t have to switch tabs either.  If all you know is the ZIP code, go ahead and type just that in your tab.  Complete as much or as little information you have available.

widget Tabs

The Calculator is now an option button so if you just use the rate details, the calculation box will be out of sight until you need it.

widget Calculate Tab

Here is my favorite part – The Print Screen!  Now you can print easily and with a date – perfect for your audit files.


widget rate print

Awesome improvements so far, right?  But wait, there’s more!


If you subscribe to the Use Tax add-on, you now find a Use Tax column in the Details.  Not only for your specific lookup, but if you have another Community sharing that ZIP code, click on that and ….. wow!

widget Columns


You’ll never use your browser again.

Once you download and start using this app, you will never do queries using your browser again.

The Zip2Tax Desktop Widget is free to all Online Lookup Subscribers.  It downloads and installs in seconds.  For easy to follow step-by-step instructions, go to our Desktop Widget page.  When you are done, make sure before you log in you see the Version 2.2.1.

Once you start the widget, just minimize it to your task bar for easy and fast retrieval at your fingertips.d

widget taskbar

Please let us know how it works for you!  I think you’ll agree; it is a great tool for sales and use tax queries.

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Monitor your Online Lookup usage

Online Lookup usage

Log in to your account and you can now see your Online Lookup usage for each day. You can also see what ZIP codes were looked up and what IP address the request was sent from.

See who, when and where your lookups are being used.

Zip2Tax has added functionality to allow Online Lookup subscribers to have access to see their account usage details. Now you can instantly see how many lookups you made each day, which ZIP codes were looked up, and what IP address the requests came from.

The IP address can help you ensure that no unauthorized users have compromised your account. If you suspect that someone is using your account without authorization, just give us a phone call and we can reset your username and password.

To access this information, just log in to your account and go to My Account/Lookup Usage.

If you have multiple users with individual log-ins, each user’s lookups will appear individually.

We are working to make this service available to Database Interface subscribers and we will notify everyone when that is ready for release.

Please call us toll-free at 866-492-8494 or e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for growing with us!

Online Lookup mobile site now in beta testing

Online Lookup mobile site

Online Lookup mobile site

Online Lookup mobile site

Mobile Zip2Tax Online Lookup is now available for beta testing

We are nearing completion of a online lookup mobile site that will make it easier for you to perform Online Lookups from your smart phone.

It’s a work in progress, but if you are the “beta tester” type, please feel free to go to and give it a try. Just log in using your regular credentials (if you are a current subscriber) or jump to without logging in and try the 50 free lookups
Please let us know how the experience is for you. It will help us work out the bugs before making a big announcement.

Spot-On Online Lookup now available

Spot-On Online Lookup now available

Spot-On identifies sales tax jurisdictions right to the door step!

PinPoint Online LookupWe are thrilled to announce that our newest product – Spot-On – is now available for sale to the public.

Spot-On is an Online Lookup service that provides sales and use tax data at the door-step level (exact latitude and longitude) along with full address validation.

While we will continue to provide an Online Lookup subscription for our customers desiring ZIP code only, we have developed ZIP+4 and Spot-On level subscriptions at the request of customers who need a resolution finer than the basic ZIP code-level.

To start using the Spot-On Online Lookup, you will need to:
1.  Purchase a subscription, starting at just $64, or call (866) 492-8494 and we can set you up with a 14-day free trail account. We’ll send you login information via e-mail.

2. Go to Spot-On and log in.

3.  Input various portions of an address in the fields provided. You must include a ZIP code at minimum, but you can also use combinations of street, city and state.

4.  A button saying “Get Rate” will appear once the minimum address has be input.

5. A message will appear telling you what level of result you were returned: ZIP code, ZIP+4, or Spot-On, and you will notice that the picture will change accordingly.

6. If you have any questions about the data you are receiving, just click the “Report An Issue” link to the right of the “Clear” button.

We are glad that you are able to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new product!