July 2019 Sales and Use Tax Changes

As usual, July 1st of each year brings many sales and/or use tax changes.  Here is our list:



The Dallas County Commission has imposed an additional one-half percent sales tax for public
school purposes.

The City of Phenix City has increased their sales tax rate by .50% which will increase the total rate depending on if the sale is in Russell County (9.5%) or Lee County (12.0%).



Flagstaff, in Coconino county has increased to 9.180%.  Benson Use tax is now 3.5%



The City of Hampton has a sales tax rate of .50% starting July 1, 2019.  There were also 6 annexation actions that affected rates for Centerton, Pea Ridge, Highfill, Lake City, Flippin, and East Camden.



Rate increases include San Mateo County, the cities of Glendora, Belmont, Burlingham, East Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Mateo, and South San Francisco.



The city of Durango rate is increasing to 3.5%.  The Pueblo Use tax rate was corrected to 3.70%.  The Ute Pass Region Ambulance District special tax hike of 1/2 of a cent was added to: Westcreek, Platte Springs, Tarryall, Lake George, Divide, Florrissant, and Woodland.



County-wide sales tax changes are occurring in Dougherty, Elbert, Limpkin, Morgan, Upson, Whitfield, and Worth counties.



You will see a 1% increase in the following Iowa cities:  Alleman, Altoona, Des Moines, Pleasant Hill, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights.



County-wide changes are occurring in Bureau, Fayette, Franklin, Jasper, Menard, Sangamon, and Union counties.

Illinois cities that have new tax rates include, Princeton, Berwyn, Frankfort (in Cook and Will counties), Lemont (in Cook, Dupage and Will counties), Lincolnwood, Elburn, Lake Forest, Wood River, McHenry, Milan, and Dakota.



Changes are occurring in the cities of Benton, Waverly, Caney, Pretty Prairie, Grandview Plaza and the county of Reno.



You will see a rate change for Allen Parish.



Isanta county Montana has a new rate increase.



There are several Use tax changes in the cities of Pleasant Valley, Malden, Albany, Urich, Windsor, Maryville, Northmoor, Velda Village Hills, Pine Lawn, and Hollister.

City tax changes include Georgetown, Green Ridge, Hughesville, La Monte, Sedalia, and Smithton.



Changes are occurring in New Rockford and Larimore.



Changes are occurring in Saint Edward, Newahwka, Coleridge, and Wauntetta.



One change for Maxell in Colfax county.



A county-wide rate increase is occurring in Crawford.



Cherokee Sales & Use tax increased the total to 9.%%.  County wide changes are occurring in Rogers and Texas counties.



City rate changes include Charlotte, Primera, Cresson, and Mount Enterprise.



County-wide rate changes are occurring in Davis and Summit counties.  The city of Bluff rate is increasing.



You will see changes in the city rates of Winooski and Brattleboro.



The sales tax rate for the city of Aberdeen is changing.



The city of Kingwood, WV will see a 7.0% total rate.

sales tax by zip code app banner from zip2tax

The Full Breakout sales tax and use tax tables provide all tax rates broken down for every jurisdictional level including ZIP code, state, country, city, and special districts; and includes jurisdictional codes where applicable.

The sales tax and use tax tables provide the Primary Rate, which is the location within a ZIP code containing the USPS Office, and indicates whether shipping is taxable.


Los Angeles County CA – Measure H

Los Angeles County CA – Measure H

Measure H goes into effect October 1, 2017

Los Angeles County CA – Measure H

Measure H, a sales tax measure to fund homeless services and prevention,  was on the ballot for Los Angeles County voters, on March 7, 2017 and was approved by the required two-thirds super majority.

The result is a 0.25% increase in the sales tax rate in Los Angeles County effective October 1st.  This will bring the rate in unincorporated Los Angeles County and incorporated cities lacking a district tax to 9.5%.

Some cities in the county, however, will not increase because they are already at the maximum combined district rate of 10.25%.  Those cities are:

  • Compton
  • Long Beach
  • Lynwood
  • Mirada
  • Pico Rivera
  • Santa Monica
  • South Gate

In the event that a local tax in the above named cities should expire, then the Measure H rate will kick in immediately.

Measure H is set to expire in ten years on September 30, 2027.


The result is a 0.25% increase in the sales tax rate in Los Angeles County effective October 1st.  This will bring the rate in unincorporated Los Angeles County and incorporated cities lacking a district tax to 9.5%.The result is a 0.25% increase in the sales tax rate in Los Angeles County effective October 1st.  This will bring the rate in unincorporated Los Angeles County and incorporated cities lacking a district tax to 9.5%.

Tax Changes for April 2017

Eureka! California Is Not Fooling Around!

In California, tax rates are changing as of April 1, 2017 for the following 41 cities:

Belmont, Chula Vista, Clearlake, Del Mar, Downey, East Palo Alto, El Centro, Fairfax, Fortuna, Fountain Valley, Hemet, Indio, Isleton, La Palma, La Quinta, Lakeport, Loomis, Lynwood, Madera, Martinez, Menifee, Newark, Orland, Placerville, Pleasant Hill, Ridgecrest, Riverside, Santa Monica, Santa Paula, St. Helena, Stockton, Suisun City, Temecula, Tracy, Ventura, Visalia, Wasco, West Sacramento, Westminster, Yreka, Yucca Valley.

For the California counties,  tax rate changes affect Merced, Monterey, Nevada, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Sonoma and Stanislaus.

Now let’s take a look at some other states with changes.

In Alaska, ttax collectorax rates changed for Sitka, Skagway, Seldovia and Whittier.

In Alabama, tax rates changed for Double Springs, Fruithurst, Moody, Littleville and Attalla.

In Arkansas, tax rates changed for Bald Knob, Cedarville, Haskell, Judsonia, Pleasant Plains, and the counties of Searcy, Saint Francis, White and Marion.

In Georgia, tax rates changed for the counties of Douglas, Fulton, Glynn, Liberty, and Pulaski and for the city of Atlanta.

In Kansas, tax rates changed for Burrton, Dearing, Edna, Hiawatha, Howard, Luray, Manhattan, Mullinville, Rolla, Stafford, Thayer, Towanda, Yates Center and the counties of Ford, Johnson, Sumner, and Thomas.

In Louisiana, tax rates changed for Carencro and Boyce.

In Minnesota, tax rates changed for Lake County.

In Missouri, tax rates changed for the counties of Benton, Douglas, Reynolds and Jackson and the cities of Granby, Greenville, Hallsville, Hartville, Overland, Rogersville, Vinita Park, and Wood Heights.

In North Carolina, tax rates changed for Wake County.

In Nebraska, tax rates changed for Beaver Crossing, Clarkson, Edison, Fort Calhoun, Greeley, Pilger, Blue Hill Central City, Fairfield, Chappell, Crete, and Pawnee City.

In Nevada, tax rates changed for the counties of Washoe and Clark.

In Ohio, tax rates changed for the counties of Lorain and Holmes.

In Oklahoma, tax rates changed for the counties of Mayes, Atoka, and Beckham and the cities of Healdton, Porum, Gate and Cyril.

In Texas, tax rates changed for Annetta North, Gustine, El Cenizo, Ivanhoe, Streetman, Kingsbury, Hughes Springs, and Sunset Valley.

In Utah, tax rates changed for the counties of Summit, Grand, and Millard and the cities of Millcreek, Payson, and Cedar Hills.

In Washington, tax rates changed for Snohomish County RTA, Spokane County RTA, King County RTA, Pierce County RTA, Kalama, Cowlitz County, Kitsap County, and Lincoln County.

In Wisconsin, tax rates changed for Kewaunee County.

In Wyoming, tax rates changed for the counties of Laramie, Hot Springs, Park, and Teton.

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Phew!  If that isn’t enough change for you, here are 31 states with ZIP code changes.

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia

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Tax Changes for November 2016

Sales November 2016

Sales November 2016

Sales and/or use tax rates have changed in Zip2Tax products since the October updates.

In Alabama, tax rates changed for the cities of Coffeeville and York.  

  • The Coffeeville official notice can be found here.
  • The York official notice can be found here.

In Arizona, tax rates changed for the City of Globe.

  • The Mayor and Council of the City of Globe passed Ordinance No. 834. which amended the City Tax Code to increase the tax rate on retail sales from two percent (2%) to two and three-tenths percent (2.3%).  More details here AZ DOR.



There were 16 states with ZIP code changes…

……in Arizona, California, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas, and Wisconsin.


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B.D. French, Researcher

B.D. French, Tax Researcher

Sales tax change frequency by state

Zip2Tax compares the sales tax change frequency of the states. Ever wonder how your state measures up?

It’s generally accepted that there are around 11,000 sales tax jurisdictions across this great and diverse country of ours. This fact alone would seem to be a fairly reasonable argument for the outsourcing of sales and use tax rates from a company such as Zip2Tax. As the head of marketing for Zip2Tax I am always trying to understand our customer’s needs better. I found myself wondering about the sales tax change frequency for all these jurisdictions. I mean, 11,000 rows in a document might be manageable if they only changed their rates every few years or so, right?

So I sat down and with my trusty Excel spread sheet and a large cup of strong coffee and started going back through our research documentation counting the number of months that there had been any sales tax changes in each state. I wanted to determine which states had the highest sales tax change frequency. I sampled a three-year period from December 2015 going back through January 2013.

… fully one-third of the time that these states CAN make sales or use tax rate changes, they DO.

When the numbers were crunched I had some surprises in store, to be sure. For one, the states that provide Zip2Tax with the most new customers have no obvious correlation with which states had the highest sales tax change frequency. In fact, California and New York were only slightly above average.

The standout in this sample was Alabama which turned out to be far and away the leader with changes in 30 out of the 36 months – that’s 83% of the time. This also helped to dash my hopes of discovering a hotbed of customer need for our product since Alabama has so far not proven to be a great source of new business.
sales tax change frequency

Arizona came in second with 14 changes over that same period. Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas all tie for third place with 13 sales tax rate changes over 36 months. That translates to mean that fully one-third of the time that these states CAN make sales or use tax rate changes, they DO. Not to overstate the obvious, but that is more frequently than quarterly updates.

… more than two-thirds, updated that tax a minimum of once a year, and by the end of 3 years, 86% of the states had made changes…

In fact, 68% of the states that collect a sales tax, that’s more than two-thirds, updated that tax a minimum of once a year, and by the end of 3 years, 86% of the states had made changes.

So as I drained the last of my cold coffee I felt some gratification in that even though sales tax will remain an extremely complex moving target in nearly all 50 states, at least it should mean a steady supply of customers for sales tax rate providers like Zip2Tax for the foreseeable future.

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