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What can you expect from our sales tax calculators and Online Lookup for sales tax by ZIP code? To provide potential clients with a better understanding of the value of our services, below are answers to commonly asked questions.

These questions and answers relate to our sales tax calculators, sales tax tables and Online Lookup for sales tax by ZIP code.

Do Zip2Tax Sales Tax Calculators & Tables Tell If Shipping Is Taxable?


Yes! All Zip2Tax services provide information on if shipping is taxable for a transaction. This includes our including our sales tax calculators and sales tax by ZIP code lookup.

Our sales tax by ZIP code Online Lookup displays shipping information near the bottom of the lookup window. For customers using our Database Interface sales tax calculators or Tax Tables, taxable shipping is indicated by a “1” and non-taxable shipping is represented by a “0.”

Are Other Countries’ Tax Rates Included In Your Sales Tax Calculators Or Sales Tax By ZIP Code Lookup?


state sales tax rates for the united states from zip2tax
Our sales tax calculators, sales tax by ZIP code lookup and sales tax tables only include data for the United States and Canada.

You may request sales tax data for other countries by contacting

Can Your Sales Tax By ZIP Code Lookup Give More Than One Result?


Yes! Five digit ZIP codes in the United States can cover a large area. The area included in a 5 digit ZIP code often has multiple cities and towns and can even have cross county boundaries within the ZIP code. This means that our sales tax by ZIP code lookup can provide multiple possible returns. When multiple applicable ZIP codes can be found, Zip2Tax’s sales tax by ZIP code lookup lists each ZIP code individually, allowing you to select the best match.

sales tax rates by zip code spot on zip+4 by zip2tax

Our sales tax by ZIP code lookup is available with ZIP+4, empowering users to refine results to a specific, block-long side of a road.

We also offer Spot On sales tax by ZIP code lookups. Zip2Tax’s Spot On sales tax by ZIP code search allows you to calculate sales tax for an exact street address.



Do Your Sales Tax Calculators and Other Services Provide Rates For Municipalities?


Yes, we provide information for sales tax rates on the state, county, city and special district level. Applicable reporting codes are also included in data provided to Zip2Tax clients.

state sales tax rates online lookup by zip2tax
Our Sales Tax by ZIP Code Lookup includes names and tax rates for regions that share the same ZIP code. Sales Tax by ZIP Code subscribers can hover their mouse over the tax rate provided from this service to view a specific breakdown of applicable tax rates.



ecommerce state sales tax rates api by zip2tax
Our Database Interface service automatically includes total applicable sales tax information. Database Interface subscribers can choose to have comprehensive sales tax data integrated. Alternatively, itemized sales tax data can be integrated using the Database Interface.



state sales tax rates tables from zip2tax
Our Sales and Use Tax Tables provide subscribers with all collected sales tax data. Zip2Tax also offers custom Sales and Use Tax Tables, which can limit the information in these tables to just the data you care about. Our Sales and Use Tax Tables can also be customized for subscribers in a way that integrates with shopping carts and eCommerce solutions.


Are Tax Jurisdictions In Line With ZIP Codes?


Often, applicable taxes are based on more than just ZIP code. For example, some locations in specific states have multiple tax jurisdictions for one particular ZIP code. Because of this, it can be difficult to figure out which sales tax rate should be applied to a transaction based only on the 5 digit ZIP code. This is why the highly precise sales tax calculators and sales tax by ZIP code services provided by Zip2Tax are so valuable for accounting for all taxes that apply to a transaction.

Zip2Tax offers subscription services for ZIP+4, Spot On sales tax by ZIP code lookup, Database Interface and sales tax calculators. These services each offer their own level of specificity to help you account for all applicable sales tax costs. Learn more here.

Are Your Sales Tax Calculators & Other Services Compatible With My Shopping Cart?


Zip2Tax’s sales tax rate tables are compatible with a wide range of shopping carts, empowering you to import this data from the tables to your shopping cart. View our list of compatible shopping cart systems.

We also offer specially formatted sales tax rate tables for popular eCommerce solutions. View which systems are compatible with our specially formatted tables.


Subscribers can also obtain codes that can be integrated by developers or IT professionals. Once integrated, these codes provide real time tax data. Learn more about this service here.

What Type of Taxes Does Zip2Tax Provide Information On?


Data provided by our subscription services only includes the following tax data:

  • Sales tax rates and calculations
  • Use tax rates and calculations
  • Taxable status on shipping


How Frequently Are Your Sales Tax Rates Updated?


On a monthly basis, our tax professionals analyze every state for tax rate and ZIP code changes. This data is then updated and provided to our subscribers on the 1st day of each month.

Our Sales Tax Table Updates are typically provided to Update subscribers 5-7 days prior to a new month beginning to allow for implementation.

How Many Free Online Lookups Can I Do To Calculate Sales Tax By ZIP Code?


We allow all Zip2Tax website visitors 50 free lookups to estimate sales tax by ZIP code. These sales tax by ZIP code estimates from our Online Lookup are capped at 10 per day.

For even greater precision on total sales tax costs, Zip2Tax offers subscriptions for Spot-On and ZIP+4 services. The Spot-On sales tax calculator provides estimates for sales tax costs with doorstep level accuracy, ensuring all applicable sales taxes are accounted for. We also offer ZIP+4 sales tax calculators, which provides sales tax by ZIP code that includes the additional 4 digits to extended ZIP codes for even greater accuracy.

Can I Still Get Data for Sales Tax by ZIP Code After Using My Free Lookups?


Yes. Subscribers are allowed 1,000 lookups per month. Our Online Lookup subscription starts at $24.95. Get started here.

How Many Online Lookups for Sales Tax by ZIP Code Are Available With A Subscription?


Online Lookup subscribers can perform 1,000 lookups per month to calculate sales tax costs. Additionally, 5 people can use this subscription for sales tax by ZIP code calculations. Additional users and lookups are available at scaled pricing.

I’m Not A Customer But Attempted to Log in. Now My Free Lookups Aren’t Working. What Should I Do?


In this scenario, you can access free lookups for sales tax by ZIP code by clearing your browser’s cookies prior to trying additional free lookups.

There Are Additional Lookups In My Usage History. How Could This Happen?


Online lookups for sales tax by ZIP code are counted by the number of lookups from an IP address rather than each user. If multiple users have the same IP address, all users from that IP address will contribute to your total number of lookups.

How Does Your Online Lookup Account For Sales Tax By ZIP Code With More Than One Tax Rate?


Our sales tax calculators are available with varying subscription levels.

Our Spot-On sales tax calculator allows users to find sales tax costs that apply to a specific street address. This will account for all applicable sales tax costs for that specific location.

Our ZIP+4 subscription empowers our customers to look up sales tax by ZIP code with a nine digit postal code. This can provide sales tax rates for multiple jurisdictions within that nine digit postal code. The ZIP+4 sales tax calculator will provide the most likely match based off the nine digit postal code provided, as well as other possible matches.

Our ZIP code lookups can provide multiple possible results based off the ZIP code provided. The first result is for the sales tax rate for the town within the entered ZIP code where the Post Office is located. Other results will display with names and tax rates for other regions that share the same ZIP code, allowing you to find the appropriate sales tax by ZIP code.

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