Remote Sellers – The New Sales Tax Rules

Economic Nexus – Do you have it?

Out-of-state retailers with no physical nexus in a state; but who make sales into that state, now have what is referred to as economic nexus.  Most states have rules for collecting sales tax for retailers with economic nexus.  Other states do not have rules….yet.  But more are coming on board each month.

Rules Vary by Stateeconomic nexus

We created a handy chart to help you look at states where you sell to know the rules.  The chart also

provides the online links to the different state departments of revenue for the most up-to-date details.

STATE$ Gross Receipts
# Retail Sales
EFFECTIVE DATEDepartment of Revenue Links
Alabama$250,000October 1, 2018AL DOR Announement
ArkansasProposed $100,000Proposed 200TBDHouse Bill 1002 still in discussion.
Colorado$100,000200December 1, 2018CO Info for Remote Sellers
Connecticut$250,000200December 1, 2018CT DOR Announcement
District of Columia$200,000200January 1, 2019DC Internet Sales Tax Amendment Act of 2018
Georgia$250,000200January 1, 2019GA Requirements
Hawaii$100,000200July 1, 2018HI DOR Announcement
Indiana$100,000200October 1, 2018IN DOR Tax Bulletin
Iowa$100,000200January 1, 2019IA DOR Announement
Kentucky$100,000200July 1, 2018KY Ruling FAQs
Louisiana$100,000200January 1, 2019Louisiana DOR
Maine$100,000200July 1, 2018ME Help for Remote Sellers
Maryland$100,000200October 1, 2018MD DOR Tax Alert
Massachusetts$500,000100October 1, 2017MA DOR rule has been in effect since 2017
Michigan$100,000200October 1, 2018MI DOR Document
Minnesota$100,000100October 1, 2018MN Bulletin for Remote Sellers
Mississippi$250,000September 1, 2018MS DOR Guidance for Online Sellers
Nebraska$100,000200January 1, 2019NE DOR News Bulletin
New Jersey$100,000200October 1, 2018NJ DOR Notice for Remote Sellers
New York$300,000100January 1, 2019NYS DOR Announcement
North Carolina$100,000200November 1, 2018NC DOR Directive
North Dakota$100,000200October 1, 2018ND DOR
Pennsylvania$10,000March 1, 2018PA DOR
Rhode Island$100,000200RI DOR FAQs for Remote Sellers
South Dakota$100,000200October 1, 2018 SD DOR Remote Seller Law
Texas$500,000October 1, 2019
Utah$100,000200January 1, 2019Online Sales Tax Amendments
Vermont$100,000200July 1, 2018VT DOR
Washington$100,000200October 1, 2018WA DOR
Wisconsin$100,000200October 1, 2018WI DOR FAQs
Wyoming$100,000200Date TBDWY DOR Page

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