December 1, 2018 Sales and Use Tax Changes

The last sales and use tax rate changes for the year are effective December 1, 2018. Here is a summary of the states with changes.


The governing body of the Town of Garden City has adopted Ordinance No. 2018-222 levying a sales and use tax effective December 1, 2018, with a due date of January 20, 2019. The sales and use tax is to be administered by the Cullman County Sales Tax Office.


In Huachuca City the Town Council voted on September 13, 2018 to increase the sales tax to 1.9%, effective December 1, 2018.  Additionally, the Town established a Use Tax on Purchasing and Inventory at 1.9% which will go into effect on December 1, 2018.


  • NOTICE:  Acting Governor Gavin Newsom issued emergency proclamations for Los Angeles, Ventura, and Butte counties due to the effects of the Hill, Woolsey, and Camp fires. Emergency tax or fee relief is available from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) for business owners and tax and fee payers directly affected by disasters declared as state of emergencies. Relief may include the extension of tax return due dates, relief of penalty and interest, or replacement copies of records lost due to disasters. For more information, visit The State of Emergency Tax Relief page.


  • NOTICE: Remote sellers must begin collecting sales tax rates as of December 1, 2018.

Need up-to-date information on the new Economic Nexus rules for all states?  Follow our Remote Sellers page here with a handy chart for the rules at a glance.

December is typically a quiet month for changes to sales and use tax rates; but January 2019 will see changes is almost all states.  Stay tuned!  Until then….we hope your retail sales are abundant!

See you next year!

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