Compromise on Kansas sales tax increase proposed

Kansas sales tax

Kansas sales tax

Kansas lawmakers continue to negotiate over the upcoming sales tax increase. The Kansas sales tax is set to increase from 5.7 % to 6.3 % in July. The Senate and Gov.  Sam Brownback both want this full increase to go through to pay for a reduction in the state income tax rates. Republicans in the House are opposed.

This week, House Republicans proposed a compromise that would reduce the proposed sales tax increase to 6 %, dropping the total increase by half. House Democrats still oppose any increase to the state’s sales tax rate and want to fund the government with higher income tax rates. House Republicans have locked them out of negotiations so far.

Senate Republicans are currently reviewing this compromise before returning to negotiate with the House. If the two sides can agree on a new rate, it will then go up for an official vote in the House and Senate.

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