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Almost every type of business in the state of Arizona has to account for Arizona sales tax rate on transactions. While the applicable Arizona sales tax rate may vary based on what is being sold, Zip2Tax empowers organizations of all sizes to reduce added costs and stay tax compliant. Additionally, Zip2Tax improves organizations efficiency with accounting for the Arizona sales tax rate, so you can focus on growing your business.

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What is the Arizona Sales Tax Rate?

The Arizona sales tax rate for the state is currently at 5.6%. However, additional sales tax may apply on county, city or other local levels.

How to Calculate the AZ Sales Tax Rate?


Zip2Tax makes calculating Arizona sales tax rate cost efficient and easy. Learn more about our sales tax rate subscription services, and discover which one is the best fit for your business.

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The Online Lookup allows a business to manually find the applicable Arizona sales tax rate by typing in a full street address or a just a ZIP code. This easy-to-use Online Lookup provides instant tax rates and the tax dollar amount, as well as other relevant information. Experience our Online Lookup here.


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Our Database Interface is a secure API that integrates with online shops and eCommerce sites to provide real-time tax data. This is a great solution for businesses that sell online and need to calculate the Arizona sales tax rate. Learn more about our Database Interface here.



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Sales & Use Tax Tables provide regularly updated spreadsheets that can be connected with online stores. These Sales & Use Tax Tables provide the information you need. Whether looking for just the Arizona sales tax rate or sales tax rates for the entire country, Zip2Tax provides the sales tax data you need on a monthly basis, ensuring you have the most current and accurate information. Learn more about our Sales & Use Tax Tables here.


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Is AZ Sales Tax Different Than AZ Use Tax?

Yes. Not to be confused with the AZ sales tax rate, residents of Arizona must pay a state use tax on all transactions where sales tax is not applicable. This includes out-of-state online transactions.

Who Pays AZ Sales Tax Rate?

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Any business with a physical location in the state must apply the AZ sales tax rate to transactions. Businesses that have an employee or salesperson working in Arizona are also subject to the AZ sales tax rate on transactions.

The Arizona sales tax rate also applies to out-of-state sellers that are considered retailers who are doing business with people or organizations in Arizona. This could include advertisers, online stores and more.
Learn more about the Arizona sales tax rate.

Why Does the AZ Sales Tax Rate Matter?


Zip2Tax makes it quick and easy to get accurate, comprehensive Arizona sales tax rate costs. Failing to properly account for all applicable sales tax can create costly problems for businesses, such as:

  • Extra Costs That Hurt Your Margins If a business doesn’t charge the right amount to customers or clients for all applicable state and local sales tax, businesses could have to cover the difference.
  • Time Intensive, Costly Sales Tax Audits Without properly accounting for the applicable AZ sales tax rate, businesses are left vulnerable to a state sales tax audit. This could mean your business is hit with a fat sales tax bill during tax season to cover sales tax that wasn’t collected from the previous fiscal year.
  • Poor Customer Service That Could Negatively Affect Your Bottom Line If the right AZ sales tax rate isn’t applied on a purchase, a business has two options to be tax compliant: 1) the business can cover the difference themselves, creating added expenses and lower sales margins, or 2) the business can contact the customer, explain the situation and change the price after the sale is made, risking customer dissatisfaction and lost business from the customer having to pay more after they’ve already made their purchase.

What Our Customers Have to Say


“I would definitely recommend Zip2Tax. Trying to be compliant with the laws is tough enough already. Having access to this much data and eliminating all that time and effort will more than pay for the subscription. Businesses need to concentrate on what they are good at. Paying taxes shouldn’t be a strength, it should be a task and the data from Zip2Tax makes it a simple.”

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“We are a small online retailer and we only need sales tax for one state. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend a lot on sales and use tax services…Without your service, this would be very difficult. The way your tables break out all the specific taxes is the feature I find the most useful. And, your support has been superb!”

– Doug, a satisfied Zip2Tax customer at Focused Sales, Inc.

“Your product is so easy to use and quick. We were surfing the internet which took lots of time and did not always provide the detail we needed and get from your product.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is fumbling on the internet for answers. We also benefit from the emails with new tax information and issues arising in that arena.

We are completely happy and wish we would have been using years ago.”

– Kimberlee, a satisfied Zip2Tax customer at WIKA Instrument Corporation

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