top 5 weirdest sales tax laws header from zip2tax Sometimes, laws just don’t seem to make sense. Like, who in Indiana thought it was so important to make a distinction between marshmallows and marshmallow creme?

Well, that guy or gal is real. Because, in Indiana, you’ll have to pay sales tax on your marshmallows, but your marshmallow creme gets off tax free.

That’s just one of a boat load of weird sales tax laws across the country. Because everybody likes a good ol’ list now a days, here’s the top 5 weirdest sales tax laws that are on the books across these United States.

#5. In Texas, Cowboy Boots are Exempt from Sales Tax

10 weirdest sales tax laws texas cowboy boots by zip2tax

Because, Texas. We’ve yet to confirm any other sweet tax loopholes for also donning a handlebar mustache and an outlaw attitude.

#4. In Three States, Pumpkins Are Exempt from Sales Tax…Unless They’re For Carving

10 weirdest sales tax laws pumpkins from zip2tax

Sounds like someone likes Thanksgiving more than Halloween.

#3. In Pittsburgh, There’s a Fun Tax

10 weirdest sales tax laws amusement tax from zip2tax

#2. In New Mexico, If You’re 100 Or Older, You Don’t Pay Sales Tax

10 weirdest sales tax laws 100 by zip2tax
New Mexico took senior discount to a whole ‘nother level.

#1. In Arizona, Ice Cubes Are Sales Tax Exempt, but Blocks of Ice? That’ll Cost Ya

10 weirdest sales tax laws ice cubes by zip2tax

Because if you’re gonna have ice, do it right and make it have a smooth surface!

We imagine this is a paraphrasing of how the floor debate on this legislation went down.

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