Feb 182013

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has made it easier for merchants to verify the sales tax exempt status before a transaction has been completed. They are offering an online search at their web site, www.TN.gov/revenue, to verify the status of exemption certificates by typing in the account number and selecting the type of certificate.

The vendor is still held responsible to maintain a valid copy of the certificate for their files as this online verification keeps all business details private.Certificates of resale, nonprofit exemption certificates, and agricultural exemption certificates can be verified using this site.

Other types of exemptions may be verified by contacting the department of revenue’s contact center at 800-342-1003 (toll-free within Tennessee) or  (615) 253-0600 (Nashville-area and out-of-state) from 7:00 am-5:00 pm, Central time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


  4 Responses to “Tennessee exemption certificate authentication”

  1. The phone number on this page above for Nashville or out-of-state callers is missing a digit.

  2. I am trying to find sales tax# for our church. We do have one but I can not find it.

    Polk Church Of Christ
    Rives TN 38253

    There is no resale it is just for tax exemption. The electric company needs a copy
    Thank You
    Brenda Lofton
    1358 Old Turnpike Rd
    Rives TN 38253

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